Deciding to buy a home is an enormous and life changing decision.

This guide is designed to give you an idea of the processes involved and will vary slightly from builder to builder.

Once you have established a budget & obtained a written preapproval from your lender you are ready to go.

Discuss your home needs with your builder, then select your home design.

Then select a block of land that is suitable for your selected home.

These go together to form your Home & Land Package for your loan.


Your House & Land Package will consist of 2 separate contracts - one for the land and one for the house, which go together to form a package.

Week 1
Pay deposit on land and sign a contract - see Land Purchase Procedure Pay 0.25% deposit on land & sign contract. Make appointment with your Legal Representative for Land purchase

 Week 1-2

Builder to prepare formal quotation
(some will charge a fee which is included in quoted price)

Request Quotation

Week 2 -3

Pay deposit (or balance deposit) to builder and sign your quotation & pay balance of Land deposit

Obtain formal loan approval from lender
(1-2 weeks)

Week 4

Builder proceeds to draw plans for Council & Statutory Authorities


Week 5 - 6

Builder has Client sign plans and select colours with Builders Colour Consultant. Settle Land Purchase.

Sign Plans, Complete Colour Selection & settle land purchase

Week 7 - 12

Builder lodges plans for Council & Statutory Approvals and approvals obtained.

Client to provide proof of ownership of Land to builder

Week 10 - 12

Builder prepares Building Agreement for execution by Client

Client signs building agreement & provides Authority from bank to commence construction

Week 13


Builder completes final construction plans and places orders with suppliers



Week 14

Construction Starts - 6 - 9 months until completion
(This will vary with weather conditions & house size)



Approx Construction Payment Schedule*

Initial Deposit

$2,000 - $4,000

Balance of deposit


Slab Complete

20% - 25%

Frame Complete

25% - 30%

Brickwork & Roof complete (Lockup)


Internal Linings

15% - 20%

Completion & Handover

5% - 10%

* Varies from builder to builder